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The worlds best beers on draft

Are you adventurous and always looking for a new taste experience?  With 30 beers on tap, from all over the world, we promise you will never be bored with our selection.  Our beer line-up is different every week.  At Helst, the only constant is the unique variability of our beer menu.

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They say that ‘beer is beer’.  But behind every beer is a unique story.  When you come to drink a beer with us, you go home with a rich array of new stories.  Where might the beer ‘Oh! Neighbour, what are you doing now?’ come from?  Or how about a ‘Tiramisu Sweet Stout’?  Well, ‘Jost might know’ – another beer that sometimes appears on our menu.  Our staff can tell you the unique story behind every beer.  One thing that all of our beers have in common is that they are traditionally brewed.

Our Speciality: Craft Beer

No mass-production, only craft: welcome to the Valhalla of craft beer!  Our beers do not come from large, industrial breweries.  We support small brewers and can guarantee that we have flavours you have never tasted before.  We usually have around 6 to 8 Dutch beers on tap. Our other beers come from abroad and are very carefully selected.  Greece, America, Lithuania … you name it!  Our selection is not only diverse in origin but, more importantly, in flavour!

Beer in the mix!

Have you ever tried a beertail, hoptail or head-butt?  We love new flavours and love sharing them with you.  Beer is a wonderful mixer that can genuinely surprise the palate.

Homemade ‘Beertails’

New styles of beer with different flavour profiles are emerging all the time.  Because of this extraordinary variety, beer makes a very interesting cocktail ingredient.  By mixing beer with liquor, wine, syrups or cider we can serve the most surprising and unique ‘beertails’.  With the recent explosion of craft beer, cocktail ‘mixologists’ are also experimenting and looking for new, unique flavour combinations.  From classic cocktails such as the ‘Blood and Sand’, which we make with cherry beer, to prize-winning, unique creations, we are sure we can surprise you!  One of our favourites is the ’Blood Money’, made from a home-made malt syrup, Amaro, lavender bitters and lager.

Head-Butt 2.0

One classic Amsterdam tradition is to drink a beer alongside a glass of Dutch gin.  Would you like to try an unusual combination?  As well as beer, we also have a range of 15 to 20 Jenevers.  With all this flavour at our disposal, we can offer the tastiest combinations that reveal new dimensions of flavour.  We call this the head-butt 2.0.  Ask your bartender for a perfect combination from our selection.

Discover our food pairings:

Most people know a little about pairing food with wine.  What is less well-known is the art of matching beer with a particular dish.  This is a great pity as the combination of the right beer with the right food can be decisive in heightening the appreciation of both.  Think of a delicate wheat beer alongside fish, or a rich, dark Belgian Trappist beer with grilled meat.  With our snacks, there is also always a perfect combination to be made.  Beer and cheese go perfectly together.  If you like a Double India Pale Ale (DIPA) why not surprise yourself by trying it in combination with some of our Dutch blue cheese.


Would you like to learn more about the differences between the various styles of beer?  Then book a tasting!  We’ll take you on a world tour of the wide range of beer styles.  We can explain how beer is made and tell you why there are so many different colours, smells and flavours in the wide world of beer.  We would love to tell you all the little secrets and fun facts behind the different brands of beer.  Why is IPA called IPA?  What are the origins of the term Porter?  Naturally, we can also combine your tasting with food pairings.

View the beer menu via the app:

Via the beer app ‘Untappd’ you can instantly check which beers are currently on offer.  That way, you’ll be first in line when new offerings appear on our menu.

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