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Homemade comfort food

Which beer should you drink with your meal?  It is not only wine that enhances specific dishes.  This applies equally to beer. Food and drink go hand in hand with us: our menu is seamlessly coordinated with the beer on tap.  Beer is often used as an ingredient in our dishes.  You can have lunch, dinner or a nice drink with us.

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Comfort food: food that makes you happy!

Is there a specific snack that would get you out of your bed at night? Everyone has a favoritemidnight snack, a real guilty pleasure. One that you absolutely loved when you were a kid. We would not be a gastropub without delicious comfort food. The term comfort food was created by British chef Jamie Oliver. All sorts of different dishes or snacks fall into this category: a tasty club sandwich, homemade nachos or a juicy beefburger. These dishes all have one thing in common: they make you happy, can be prepared quickly and leave you licking your fingers!

Are you adventurous?

If you like to try new things, you’re in the right place at Helst. A wine connoisseur can quickly decide which wine will complement a particular dish. In the case of beer, this skill is much less common. Have you ever tried cheesecake with a cherry beer? Every day we have new combinations. With our expertise in beer and the know-how of our chefs, we can make the perfect match between food and drink. All our dishes are prepared in our own kitchen. Our menu is also rich in vegetarian dishes. Do you have your own ideas for a dish? We’d love to hear from you. Food that can be made in relatively small quantities and that allows us flexibility is our priority.

Come for lunch, dinner or drinks

Do you have a date tonight? Or a family dinner with grandpa and grandma? There is something for everyone on our menu. On the following days you can have lunch, dinner or drinks with us:

Lunch 10:30 am to 4:00 pm – Thursday to Sunday
Dinner 18:00 – 22:00 – Friday and Saturday
Comfort bites 15:00 – 22:00 – Friday and Saturday

Gluten-free meals

Do you have a food allergy? Please let us know so that we can give you the best advice. On our menu are several gluten-free options.

Do you want to be sure that there is space available? Then reserve a table!


  • Oh la chevre sandwich Roasted goat cheese, toasted pine nuts, lettuce and sundried tomatoes topped with a honey-mustard dressing €9,-
  • Chillin chicken sandwich Spicy marinated chicken topped with sweet and sour veggies, ginger-mayo and sesame seeds €9,50
  • Sandwich happy hummus Homemade hummus with marinated grilled veggies, rocket salad finished with a herb dressing €9,-
  • Silly salmon bagel Hot-smoked atlantic salmon, japanese spices, Lettuce, wasabi-mayo and soy sauce €9,50
  • Helst burger 100% MRIJ beef burger on a brioche bun with weekly changing toppings (ask what’s on this week) €14,50
  • Soup of the day Fresh homemade soup of the day €6,50
  • Hipster salad Leafy greens with avocado, to- mato, cucumber and a creamy fresh coriander-tomato dressing €9,-
  • Arabian knights salad Couscous salad with grilled veggies, cucumber, tomatoes olives, raisins, koriander and mint (Feta cheese + €1,-) €8,-


  • Bitterballen A tradition dutch bar snack made with beef ragout rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried €7,50/6pcs
  • Aunties mad wings Sweet and smokey marinated chicken wings, cooked on the grill, served with chipotle-mayo €8,00/6pcs
  • Authentic corn nachos Real mexican style tortilla chips topped with salsa roja, homemade guacamole, sour cream, pebre and jalapeno €8,50
  • Bread aioli and pebre Toasted bread with homemade Aioli and chilean salsa verde €5,-
  • Edamame Blanched soybeans topped with a Japanese spice mix and seasalt €6,-
  • Dutch cheeses A selection of Holland’s finest cheeses from L’amuse, homemade chutney and nut bread €12,50
  • charcuterie A selection of Dutch cooked and cured meats served with bread and pickle €12,50
  • everything on a plank A mixed selection of our nibbles and bats €15,-


  • Helst burger 100% MRIJ beef burger on a brioche bun with weekly changing toppings (ask what’s on this week) €14,50
  • Sticky ribs Slow cooked spare ribs, marinated in sweet bbq glaze €16,50
  • Steak 180gr Rib-eye steak, marinated in truffle oil, cooked on the lava stone grill €18,50
  • Zoervleis on fries Traditional Dutch beef stew from Maastricht, served on fries €16,50
  • Catch of the day (ask what we have today) €15,50
  • Mussels (ask what we have today) €14,50
  • Veggie Homemade vegetarian lasagna made with spinach and ricotta €14,50
  • Sides Fries (frites van zuyd) or oven roasted Roseval potatoes or Mixed salad €3,50


  • Adam good cheese steak Our signature twist on a the “Philly” Beef cooked to perfection with aged Gouda cheese and Amsterdam pickles €9,-
  • Calamari fritti Freshly made squid rings, fried in beer batter, served with Aioli €8,50
  • Chilli dog Frankfurter served on a New England brioche roll with chilli-beef and jalapeno cheese €8,50
  • Bruschetta Toast rubbed with garlic topped with pickled beetroot, caramelized walnuts, Burrata and balsamic glaze €8,50
  • Soup of the day Fresh homemade soup €6,50


  • Dark Matter Homemade chocolate fudge cake, covered in milk chocolate ganache with bourbon vanilla ice cream €5,50
  • New Amsterdam Chef’s very own NY style cheesecake served with fresh raspberries and coulis €5,50
  • Dutch Cheeses A selection of Holland’s finest cheeses from L’amuse, homemade chutney and nut bread €12,50
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Comfort food is soothing and heart-warming, it’s food you’re happy with. To comfort yourself or to join the family with friends and family. Think of Grandma’s chicken soup! In addition, comfort food is often easy and quick to prepare.