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Hollands best small batch spirits

Rum, Whiskey, Vodka, Gin or Jenever?  These also feature on our menu.  Our beers often come from afar, but our spirits are typically Dutch.  Come and try them out!

In addition to traditionally brewed beers from different continents, you can also enjoy typical Dutch spirits with us.  Many people do not know this, but the Dutch have a long history of creating and inventing new flavours.  At one time Amsterdam was the centre of the European trade in herbs and spices from across the globe.

Types of liquor on our menu:


Why do we love Jenever so much?

Holland wouldn’t be Holland without Jenever.  The distillate has been produced in the Netherlands since the 17th century.  Many distillers are re-inventing jenever and more and more new styles of jenever are being developed.  Distillers are experimenting with new tastes and new recipes.

Experimentation is also what we do at Helst.  With 15-20 jenevers on the menu, we try to find the perfect match between gin and craft beer. As well as a traditional ‘head butt’, you can taste the latest cocktails made with beer.  Jenever and craft beer complement each other seamlessly as they are both made from the same basic ingredient: malted barley. With our expertise and years of experience, we know the tastiest and most surprising combinations.

Are you a rum lover?

Then we have good news!  Rum is one of the fastest growing spirits in the Netherlands.  For that reason, we have opted for Union 55 rum.  Launched in April 2017, this rum has already become very popular and is made to suit the modern palate.  Union 55 has a flavour profile that makes it ideal for mixed drinks and cocktails.  Because the drink is so new, it is not widely available.  If you are a rum lover, Union 55 is well worth a try.

Gin & whiskey

Bobby’s Dry Gin, Fryske Hynder whiskey or Millstone Peated whiskey.  Bobby’s Dry Gin has already won prizes and was named best Dutch Gin of 2015 by the TV programme ’Kassa’. Fryske Hynder whiskey (Friesian Horse whiskey) is a single malt whiskey, traditionally distilled in the northern Dutch province of Friesland.  The name says it all: the whiskey has all the characteristics of the pure-bred Friesian horse: powerful and quirky, with a striking appearance.  Our menu contains a variety of different of gins and whiskeys. With all this choice, we can also mix you a fantastic Gin and Tonic.

Come and taste?

According to a famous Dutch proverb: The tastes of far away can be good but the tastes of home can really surprise you!  We would like to introduce you to the various Dutch spirits on our menu. Our bartenders have many background stories for you and can tell you exactly which ingredients are used in the different products.

Would you like to see our entire spirits selection? Download the drinks menu here.

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